Teatrul ATRIUM prezintă: TRIP TICK – The Skeleton Project
Miercuri, 30 mai 2012, ora 23.00


Language of the performance: English

The Skeleton Project is a collaboration of cross disciplinary artists based in Leeds, England. Formed in 2005 and graduates of Leeds Metropolitan University they create new devised performances based on a scripted narrative. Interested in language and emotion in their work they make accessible, watchable, humorous work without compromising the desire to take risks. The work is primarily about the way we view the world and takes the audience on a journey, through text, physical performance and sound so externalize the lenses that we see the world through and create a version of our own world on stage. The work is autobiographical and talks directly to the audience, presenting ideas rather than telling a story.

TRIP TICK is a solo performance Matt Allen of The Skeleton Project. The piece has the performer on stage for the duration of the piece which discusses his inability to communicate as a performer. TRIP TICK is two performances that overlap each other. Tick is a show about how the performer’s mind works, how he deconstructs arguments, what he thinks about the world around him, how he is influenced by media and popular culture. Trip is a performance about how he would like to be, the performer he would like to be and what type of work he would want to make. Crossed over this piece creates an amusing, surreal environment that presents ideas rather than telling a story. The performance is part stand-up and part contemporary theatre. The piece expands, shapes and responds to its space and audience, and is different every time it is performed.

No entrance fee. Reservations: 0269/242 000; 0723 ATRIUM.